Animal Admission

The Albany Humane Society

is an open-admission animal shelter. We contract with Dougherty County and the City of Albany Animal Control to intake strays in our community. Due to the high cost required to take care of animals, we do ask for a $50 per animal/litter surrender fee for pets turned over by citizens.  This fee helps to defray the costs of feeding, boarding and vaccinating these animals. 

At times it may be necessary to surrender your pet to Albany Humane Society, but we ask you to do this as a last resort. While we do everything we can to find loving homes for all of the pets in our care, the reality is that we do not have enough adopters in our area to save all the animals that come into our shelter. 

Alternatives to Surrender

  • Re-Home your Pet on your Own
    • Work with trusted friends and family to find a new home for your pet.
  • Consult a Certified Trainer for Behavioral Issues
    • There are several local trainers with outstanding programs to help your pet fit into your household.
  • Financial Issues
    • Please contact us for Low Cost Vaccination options or Food Assistance. We provide assistance with Spay & Neuter through our SNAP Program.

More about SNAP