Trap, Neuter, Return

The Value of TNR

Whether you love or loathe community cats, trap/neuter/return (TNR) is the most effective and humane way to effectively reduce the number of community cats. In a TNR program, cats are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and then returned to their communities to live out their lives. Because they have been fixed and can no longer breed, the number of cats is reduced over time. Being spayed or neutered also stops nuisance behaviors. Male cats are no longer competing or fighting with each other, spraying urine or roaming blocks away from the neighborhood. Females no longer yowl to seek a mate and no longer have kittens, of course. Typically these behaviors are reduced immediate and completely eliminated about a month after surgery. Additionally, TNR provides vaccines, so the cats are healthier and do not pose a threat to the public.

Other Benefits of TNR

TNR reduces shelter admissions and operating costs. Fewer community cats in shelters increases shelter adoption rates. These programs create safer communities and promote public health by reducing the number of cats that are not vaccinated.  Another beneficial component of TNR is the positive impact these programs have on animal control officers and shelter workers. 

Why is TNR preferable to lethal control?

Lethal control (euthanasia) has been used by animal control agencies for decades. Given the current problem of large populations of free-roaming cats in our communities and the high rate of euthanasia with zero impact on intake numbers, it is obvious that euthanasia is NOT the solution. In addition, killing homeless animals as a means of population control is publicly unpalatab. By contrast, statistics in other communities with successful community cat programs show that TNR puts an end to the perpetual cycle of killling and makes it possible to maintain  a colony at a relatively stable number of sterilized cats who are unable to multiply. If you are wanting to help make a change in our community and volunteer with this program, please contact our shelter at 229.888.PETS and ask about our Community Cat Program.

TNR Requirements

1. Feral cats can be dropped off at Albany Humane Society Monday - Friday, BEFORE 8:00AM. They must be in a secure trap with the trap weight written on the trap, and each trap should have two towels (one under and one on top). These will be reutned to you.

2. Traps are available to borrow with a $50/trap deposit. If you borrow a trap from us, please make sure to keep the locking clip so that we can secure both ends of the trap. 

3. Cats dropped off MUST be picked up the same day by 5:00PM. No exceptions as we are unable to take these cats into our shelter. We advise that you leave the cat in the trap overnight before releasing so that they may recover from the anesthesia and to reduce complications with their surgery.

4. We accept cats Monday - Friday.

Help us make a difference!

With funding from Best Friends Animal Society, Albany Humane has been able to start a community cat program for Albany and Dougherty county.  BFAS has provided much needed training to our staff and community and has been an amazing resource while we work to get this program off the ground. 

We are on the path to no-kill and we believe that this is the only way we will be able to reduce the intake of cats in our shelter. 

 We still need your help! We need volunteers to help us trap and we need donations to continue the program. If you would like to donate to our TNR fund, please click the button below.